Partner at Intellectual Property Rights

Ahmet Can

Technology Writer and Producer of Tekno Hayat TV Show

Alper Kanca

Chairman of the Board / TAYSAD

Baran Çelik

Chairman of the Board of Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association

Buruno Lambert

CEO - MOV Automobile

Çağrı Selçuklu

CEO and Co-Founder / DUCKT

Doğan Kabak

Youtuber and Automotive Editor

Haydar Yenigün

CEO / Ford Otosan

İdil Özdoğan

Consulting Leader of Development and Public Sector / PwC

Mehmet Arziman

CEO of Founder / Home IX

Orkun Oğuz

CEO and Co-Founder / CY Vision

Ömer Burhanoğlu

Chairman of the Execution Committee of The Future of Automotive Design Competition

Serdar Kuzuloğlu

Technology and Trend Hunter

Ufuk Sandık

Chairman of Automotive Journalists Assoc. and Automotive Editor at Sabah newspaper