Project Name : Tayko Battery - Green and High Energy Density Li-Ion Battery Production

Project Team : Tayfun KOÇAK, Ezgi YILMAZ, Semih Engün, Gökhan Koçak

Tayko Pil is an R&D company focused on the production of CR2032 type environmentally friendly lithium ion batteries in Türkiye. Our enterprise is involved in the production of CR2032 type batteries which are used in many areas such as remote car keys, toys and wristwatches. With nano-ceramic coating, boron doping and green binders, our product is one step ahead of the Asian competitors in the market.

Project Name : iyiMetal

Project Team : Şakir Sinan Zabunoğlu, Çağatay Yelkarası

Project Summary : iyiMetal is a tech company which aims to overcome the global obstacles causing aluminum compounds with high silicium content not being used in automotive industry to the degree desired due to technical impossibilities by combining electrochemistry and software technologies.

Project Name : Komporize

Project Team : Mustafa Kuyumcu

Project Summary : The project aims to produce low-cost and eco-friendly tea fibre biocomposites suitable for the manufacturing of many on-board components in the automotive sector.

Project Name: EVbee

Project Team : Burak Özdemir, Ahmet Ozan Çelik

Project Summary : Unlike stationary charging stations, EVbee is an innovative and mobile fast-charging solution which can be summoned via the phone app, providing on-site charging services to electric vehicle owners.


Project Name : Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle for Middle and Last Mile Delivery Operations

Project Team : Özkan Köroğlu, Yunus Emre Elaydın, Hüseyin Baki İnan, Coşkun Arslan

Project Summary : Self - Driving electric vehicle providing more sustainable delivery operations in order to reduce the inefficiency in delivery processes.