Project Name : Newky

Project Group : Çetin Kosifoğlu

Project Summary : User's biometric disorders can be caused by multifactorial malfunction on the mobile phone.

(MFA) and transfers the phone to a secure digital key.

Project Name : Wyseye

Project Group : Enes Koşar, Mehmet Eren Bekin

Project Summary : Hasar.AI is Turkey's artificial intelligence-based vehicle due diligence solution. This is advanced

The platform covers a wide range of applications, from the automotive manufacturer's production line to damage management.

Designed for use in expansion


Project Name : Driven AVS

Project Group : Josef Karaburun, Sarp Gürenli, Onur Şanal

Project Summary : As Driven AVS, the digital trainer Point 3S can be installed according to the racing vehicle. It is a device that analyzes the driving tour by tour with sensors beamed to the vehicle.

Project Name : ZGN Otonom

Project Group : Özgün Yabalak

Project Summary : Detail AVT by ZGN Otonom is a standard autonomous operation system with a modular and wearable structure.


Project Name : SuTech Otonom Teknoloji A.Ş. - SuCooter

Project Group : Ataberk Şuekinci

Project Summary : It is a waterway micromobility solution with an electric, autonomous driving system designed to relieve the busy transformer on land and provide more efficient divisions of fast and safe surface transportation.